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Fossil Group, Inc

Fossil Group, Inc. is a design company that specializes in the manufacturing of high quality watches, jewelry, belts, and other fashionable items. A link to there store website can be found here. I've had the great opportunity of working with Fossil during my freelancing career and below are models I've built for them, along with a process of making them. 

Fossil Q Grant Smartwatch
Fossil Q Grant 3D Model

Fossil Q Grant 3D Model Wire

360 Turnarounds
Fossil Q Grant Profile Front View

Fossil Q Grant Profile Back View

Fossil Q Smartwatches Cover Line 
Working along side with a great cast of talented artist, our job was to deliver a realistic render of Fossils new line of Fossil Q Smartwatches. My job was to take and build there Fossil Q Grant version as you see here. A pipeline system was instituted to best complete the cover. The renders will serve as the cover packaging for there version and model.
  Fossil Q Grant Fossil Cover

Process - Fossil Q Grant Smartwatch
As mentioned, my job for Fossil was to build there "Q Grant" version. This watch was tasked to me because of its intricate organic and hard surface qualities. There was no need to research too much as the client was generous to provide real copies of each watch for research and accuracy. Building it would just take a week.

Fossil Q Grant Reference

3ds Max, along with V-ray, became my go-to for building and rendering of this particular watch.  The camera angles became established from my research of similar watch designs. I didn't want to just render a straight image, as I felt that was too basic. Final composition was established through Photoshop. Below is a short tutorial of my process.

   1. The great part about have the actual watch with me was that measuring and translating that to the model became a piece of cake. Some areas were more organic than others and required more attention.

   2. Modeling was close to finish and the client provided us with an illustrative outline for the faces.

   3. Once the modeling portion was finished, the next task is to UV unwrap all pieces. While it's much easier to just place a metallic material to the metals, realism comes from the scratches and imprints you get from handling it. I wanted this watch to look as authentic as I could.

   4. In order to get that authentic feel for the textures, I used David Gruwier's smudge and scratch
pack as maps. Here is the link to his free download of this pack. These served great in acquiring that slight worn feel.

Process Fossil Q Grant

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