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E-Premium Liquids

Working at Sector5Digital, I've had the great privilege of working with some incredible E-premium liquid company brands from the WolfPack Wholesale line. Projects will range from 3D animations, 3D still imaging, and even interactive designs. We've had the pleasure of working with brands such as Suicide Bunny, The Cloud Company, and Kings Crown. Here I can show you my involvement with the projects and also explain a short tutorial process.

Suicide Bunny Flavors


Grey Shaded

Suicide Bunny - Bomb Factory Video 
E-liquid brand, Suicide Bunny, had contacted us to produce a motion graphic video that would show all there brands and different flavored liquids for there Bomb Factory event in Dallas. Our team for this project included me as modeler and lighter, Doug Fidler as project overseer, and James Armstrong as animator and graphic artist for the video.

My duties involved creating the bottles, texturing, lighting, and finally rendering to give to our animator to composite the work into the video. Even though the modeling seemed simple enough, getting proportion and scale was the most important job. Thankfully and kindly, Suicide Bunny had provided us with there products for this job. I now had the bottle in hand and could get the proportions exact.


Breaking everything into layers was important when it came down to texturing and adding material attributes. The following are the specific names of each model piece that makes the bottle.

1. The dropper that sucks the liquid in.
2. The liquid
3. The label
4. The glass bottle
5. All the pieces put together

Modeling Process

While I was still on the process of modeling, our animator had provided me with the different shots and camera movements for the video. Once the bottles were done, I would replace the placeholder bottles and begin rendering the animations using V-Ray render engine. The animations and style would vary for each bottle in the video.


The bottle and textures were complete. The graphics of course was provided from the company. Now it was time to light and render. Since the bottle would be in a darkened background video, my background also had to be dark since my bottle was transparent. Since the background was going to be dark, my focus was taken to give brightness and color to the front and sides. I used a combination of Vray lights and HDRI for reflections.

Lighting Process

Here was the result with both combinations combined. The glass was now receiving nice highlights on the sides.

Lighting HDR

Once all bottle animations were rendered, the files were then taken to our animator/compositer for video production. Below are a couple of screenshots of the presentation. Here is the video link: Suicide Bunny Bomb Factory

Suicide Bunny Bottles

Cloud Company

Cloud Company o2

King's Crown

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