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Bell Nexus

Working at Sector5Digital, I've had the great privilege of working with an amazing and long-time aerospace manufacturer in Bell Flight, also before known as Bell Helicopters. A link to their site can be found hereOur studio helped in a team effort with Bell to develop the future of Air Taxi vehicles. Below is the work I've been a part of in debuting the Bell Nexus, the future in Air Taxi and vertical lift.  
Working alongside a great team of talented engineers, our job was to deliver a new concept in air vertical lift to be shown in CES 2019. Thus, the Bell Nexus would become the future of Air Taxi travel. My job was in the modeling and lighting department phase for the Bell Nexus. Below are renders of my work on the Bell Nexus for CES 2019. They are both exterior and interior work done in 3ds Max and Vray.

Bell Nexus Cover Over Neighborhood
Bell Nexus Cover Over Dallas Bell Nexus Interior Front Cover
Bell Nexus Interior Rear Cover
Bell Nexus Interior Covers Front
Bell Nexus Interior Covers Rear

Bell Nexus Teaser Video for CES 2019
Alongside doing renders for the media coverage, I was also assigned to help create a teaser video of the Bell Nexus. This video would tease the Bell Nexus in parts. These teased areas ranged from the ducts, to the interiors and to the wings. The video would be shown a week prior to the event. 

Bell Nexus Teaser Video Shot 01
Bell Nexus Teaser Video Shot 02
Bell Nexus Teaser Video Shot 03
Bell Nexus Teaser Video Shot 04
Bell Nexus Teaser Video Shot 05

CES 2019
CES 2019 is the worlds largest exhibition of new tech and global innovation. It is considered one of the largest gatherings of big tech brands. Bell Nexus was unveiled on Jan 8, 2019. It was a great pleasure to work with so many great artists and people. The future of vertical lift and Air Taxi travel, the Bell Nexus. 

Bell Nexus CES 2019

The following shots are a breakdown of my beginning to end process of the Bell Nexus presentation for CES 2019. As mentioned earlier, I was in charge of helping the modeling and lighting for the Bell Nexus. The following is my process: 
  1. Modeling of the Bell Nexus started in 3ds Max. The concept of the model, both exterior and interior, was a collaboration between engineers, artists and directors.
  2. Once the model was complete and textured, I would begin making renders of the Bell Nexus in different backplate environments. This ranged from the Bell Nexus on the ground and in the air.
  3. Next, I began to brainstorm with the marketing team of Bell on best approach to tease this amazing interior and exterior. It was a great team effort all around. 
  4.  Last was to composite the final video package for the tease before CES 2019. I used After Effects 2019. 
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