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Work in Progress

For the past few months I've found time, at least an hour a day, to complete a personal project that's been most exciting all the way through. All year I've been taken inspiration from Disney and Pixar films, like "Zootopia" and "Big Hero 6", on how they were made and what inspired those creations. Since then the goal has been to create a piece from that art style. 

Me, being a big Disney fan, was so excited to take on a new challenge that combined robot/Hard Surface and fur/Organic. The inspirational art that was partaken was from Mike Yamada. His website will be found here. Once the okay was given from Mike, the project had started and the goal now is to finish it before new year. The following is WIP (Work in Progress) of the status of said project as well as the inspirational artwork.

Concept Robot  
Concept Robot Wireframe  
Concept Robot Art  
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